SST-40-W Specialty White LEDs

The SST-40-W is a 10 W high brightness cool white LED intended for directional applications requiring a combination of high efficacy and high lumen output. It operates at up to 3A input current, delivering in excess of 1,000 lm under real-life “hot” operating conditions (85ºC junction temperature). Its monolithic chip design removes any far-field optical artifacts commonly observed on products made of chip arrays, simplifying optical design. With a typical efficacy of 160 lm/W at 700 mA, the SST-40-W is ideal for battery-powered applications as well as any application requiring a high performance, directional and cost-effective LED solution.


  • Cool White LED with a monolithic emitter ideal for directional applications
  • Specified at 85ºC hot condition:
    • 300 lm typical at 700 mA
      Over 1,000 lm typical at 3A
  • High thermal conductivity package with thermal resistance of only 2.5 C/W junction to case
  • 120º viewing angle
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Flash lights
  • Automotive accessory spotlights
  • Portable lighting accessories
  • Instrumentation
  • Work Lights
  • Battery and solar-powered applications
  • SST-40-W
    Active – Release in November 2016
    Typical lumens Color Input Power Maximum Drive Current
    300 lm at 700 mA, 85˚C
    > 1,000 lm at 3A, 85˚C
    5,000 – 10,000K Up to 10 W 3 A