Current I IEC 62778 Ethr
CXM-32 Gen4 5A RG1 (>3.218m); RG2 (<3.218m) 861 lx
CIM-22 Gen4 3A RG1 Unlimited -
CGM-22 Gen4 4A RG1 (>2.703m); RG2 (<2.703m) 1045 lx
CLM-22 Gen4 3.5A RG1 (>2.017m); RG2 (<2.017m) 1024 lx
CHM-27 Gen1 4A RG1 Unlimited -
CVM-53 Gen5 13A RG1 Unlimited -
  • Build-in LED module
  • This light source shall only be replaced by the manufacturer or the service agent or a similar qualified person