Medical & Life Science SOLUTIONS

Scientists and the healthcare industry are using light emitting diodes to create new diagnostic and treatment products and processes that were difficult, expensive or simply impossible with conventional lamps. Luminus is supporting new healthcare solutions by providing monochromatic and broad spectrum LEDs at a wide range of power levels and wavelengths ranging from UV to near Infra-Red, that are essential for healthcare systems, including those using fiber-optics, like endoscopy.

Medical Endoscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy and imaging

Microscopy and instrumentation


With extremely high intensity and an optical interface ideal for coupling into etendue-limited applications, Luminus LEDs are increasingly replacing high-performance xenon lamps in medical and life science applications and deliver equivalent or superior performance with higher stability and longer lifetimes.

Reconciling the long life cycles of medical products with the fast pace of the LED industry, Luminus offers an option for Medical & Industrial Grade for select products. Please contact your local representative for more information.